YDE vs Mungo and Jemima

Its been a great cold, long weekend, with some movie watching, red wine, and good food, not to mention some much-needed retail therapy.

After browsing through the various stores at the V&A Waterfront, I have to point out 2 stores; MANGO, and YDE. As much as I love to punt South African fashion, this time, I have to vote on the imports – Mango’s Winter collection trumps that of YDE by far! Young Designers, what is happening? All that I saw were bandage dresses (a trend from 2009!) and slouchy T’s and blouses. Where is the sophisticated look that I have been seeing on the runway? Where is the 60’s trend that I have been going on about to anyone willing to listen? And a coat? Nope, have not seen one. I came across a few beautifully tailored jackets in electric blue and camel, but apart from that, I was left wanting. I have to point out that there were a few good pieces in amongst the out of season blouses and dresses. Namely, the prints and colours. Some of the designers have managed to tap into the print trend this season, from polka dots to geometric shapes, there is something for everyone, as well as chosing the right colour palate for winter. As Yanga mentioned in her blog – we don’t have to wear neutrals in winter, its time to celebrate some colour in our wardrobes.

MANGO on the other hand has some really beautiful trench coats and capes, as well as some straight leg trousers in navy, black, camel and beige (perfection in my eyes, I had to buy a pair) at a price of only R399. As far as wearing international brands go – this one has a green light from me. Included in their range were some stand out scarves, jackets and skirts. I suppose most of these pieces that I am pointing out are maybe for a more sophisticated person, but I do believe that trends today are moving more towards this sophisticated look rather than the bohemian slouchy casual look of 2010 and 2011.

If you want to find some stunning trends for winter 2012, designed by South Africans, pop into Mungo and Jemima on Long Street, where the buyers have outdone themselves this year, with the right colours, the right prints, and the right style!

Here is some inspiration…

Till next time xx



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