From Prada to Zara…

From Prada to Zara, Singapore has it all! This city is an array of cultural diversity, and fashion extraordinaire. What a treat its been to traverse the streets from chinatown to orchard road. I have yet to visit Haji Lane and Little India, where I hear one can find the best off beat trends in both clothing and music.

I have been here for just under a week visiting my sister, and exploring the city, and very excited to say that I have so much more to see. As Singapore is a season ahead of South Africa, being in the Northern Hemisphere, I get to see first hand whats in store for us for Summer 2013. With Prada taking the 60’s trend to another level in pastels and prints, and Gucci oozing glam and disco trends, we have a lot to look forward to. The stand outs for me have to be the neon colour palette, and the ikat print (a dying technique said to have originated somewhere in South or Central America, used to pattern various textiles) that is cropping up in almost every store. Something else to look out for, is crochet, which has been knocking on the doors of most South Africans lately.

A typical juxtaposition of old and new in Chinatown. With the traditional shophouse that is common to the streets of Singapore in the background, in stark contrast to the typical cheap mass produced knock offs that are common to all Chinatowns across South East Asia. A row of shophouses in Ann Sian Hill, Chinatown

Quite a distinct difference between the shops in Orchard Road, and the small traditional shophouses in Chinatown.

My favourite store at the Paragon Shopping centre, on Orchard Road.

Next week, I promise, I will writing something a little more relevant to South Africa.


Till next time xx


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