Online Retail – The New Generation

Type online retail into your google toolbar, and what do you find? My first 3 listings were Take-A-Lot, Kalahari and Want-it-All. But these 3 sites, aren’t selling fashion – or anything that I would like to buy online. What I am looking for is inspiration, interior decor, or a pair of shoes that I can buy while on my lunch break in the office. I don’t want to walk around endlessly through the shopping centres looking for something that might catch my eye, (who has the time these days?) I want to do a search on the internet, and find exactly what i am looking for in the shortest possible time.

2012 is the year for new ideas, new possibilities, growth! It is becoming apparent in the retail industry that sales are leading towards ecommerce – with major retailers going online to look for customers. Why pay unnecessary costs when you can sell everything on a virtual scale? Look at international online shopping, like ASOS, TOPSHOP and RIVER ISLAND, almost all retailers offer an online version of what is being sold in their traditional store.

I saw this image on Facebook today, and it made me think. Traditions are changing with the times, everyone is getting more tech savvy, its time retailers and designers take advantage of these changes, and start selling their goods through the internet portal and using social media to drive sales.

Keep your eyes on your computer screen, this time next year, retail will be see through new dimensions!

Till next time xx


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