A Material World?

“Seven billion people, the latest count. Concern for the planet, the energies mount. This event is red, that’s for sure. But support for green, is part of the cure.Spare a thought, for Mother Earth. Need to save her, for all we’re worth.
Sustainably harvested, natural, organic. Alternative fibres, no time for panic.
All these words, what do they mean? For a start, change your routine.
Reduce, respect, reconstruct, ‘My Dear’. Recycle, repair, rethink, ‘Monsieur’.
Show support, through what you wear. Or what it’s made of, concern with flair. Glitz and sparkle, are definitely in. The overall impression, is what will win. So for this day – Love red! Think green. Your earth-friendly ensemble, will steal the scene! “

The theme for this years Vodacom Durban July (VDJ) is a Material World. Which is rather relevant in today’s society, designers are not only embracing this theme for the horse race, but also in their current and future collections. Colleen Eitzen has used scrapes of fabric found in her factory for one of her pieces, for Winter 2012, as a way to apologize to “Mother Earth for the pain (she) put her through daily” while creating her collections.

Fashion is always part of the show for the VDJ, and this year is no exception. The fashion show this year is 3 fold;

Invited Designers: including David Tlale, Colleen Eitzen and Gideon



Fashion Challenge:  open to anyone outside of the Durban area, emerging, established and students

& Young Designers: with 9 out of 10 finalists from DUT, and Nonetethelelo Shelembe from PMB School of Fashion.

Look out for designers Celeste Swart and Lara Klawikowski, whose story boards definately captured my attention…I am looking forward to seeing the final garment.

Gideon, another designer in this years Invited Designers show, is “…looking forward to seeing the fine line between elegance, fabrication, style and the inevitable avant-garde…” As am I. So many people tend to over do it at the VDJ, which I suppose comes with the territory. But for me, style is always important, no matter what the theme is.

“…A unique perspective and tends to be fantasy driven…” Suzaan Heyns, on the VDJ

Till next time xx


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